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  1. or go under? Which brings me to Feedburner, Google’s free  service to send out emails. Feedburner is going away in October. You have paying alternatives, such as Feedblitz, MailChimp, or

  2. Making the pie bigger, eschewing formulas, and rejecting ‘magic bullets’ is, of course, excellent advice, Tara. Thanks for this well-articulated reminder.Still, even this good advice can sound like a formula if you haven’t yet found the place in yourself where the courage to be a contrarian (if that’s what’s needed) lives. As you suggest, this isn’t about business strategy, but about knowing who you are and what it takes to be congruent in all aspects of your life.It’s hard, and it’s worthwhile. My heart goes out to all — and I include myself — who struggle every day to find that equilibrium.

  3. II: Israeli historian and former diplomat Shlomo Ben-Ami wrote: The debate about whether or not the mass exodus of Palestinians was the result of a Zionist design or the inevitable concomitant of war should not ignore the ideological constructs that motivated the Zionist enterprise. The philosophy of transfer was not a marginal, esoteric article in the mindset and thinking of the main leaders of the Yishuv. These ideological constructs provided a legitimate environment for commanders in the field actively to encourage the eviction of the local population even when no precise orders to that effect were issued by the political leaders.[76]

  4. *hugs*LW is nightmarish. I’m sorry you chose that profession. >.< As to the leveling blues… *hug* x2!! Yes, I am up *WAY* too late… /cry I forgot to wash my uniform… Who’s gonna be taking a nap when they got off of work tomorrow?!? ME!!!

  5. Yes! There is also a skillet version. HOWEVER, I have not used either method recently and couldn’t tell you how to alter the ingredients or temperatures. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful without trying them first.

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