5 gedachten over “2011”

  1. disse:Que linda você está, Nat!Você disse que não costuma fazer esse tipo de post, mas deveria pois estás deslumbrante!Sempre admirei seu bom gosto e tenho certeza que a leitoras do blog também vão gostar!Nem sempre deixo recados, mas tô sempre passando por aqui!Saudades mil de você, amiga!Bju enorme, Ka.

  2. MJ fans???? should? watch…….”GOOD? MORNING? AMERICA???? INTERVIEWS???? THE?? JURY????? THAT???? AQUITTED?? MICHAEL? JACKSON”….Do?? a????? search,??? it’s? on?? you??? tube….very???? enlightening…something????? postive????? in?? the???? media? about??? MJ? for??? a?? change….WATCH??? BEFORE YOU?? TUBE? DELETES?? OR BLOCKS IT!!!!

  3. As to the phrasing of your argument, it’s rather impressive how much ad hominem you can sneak in there without anybody else appearing to pick it up. To quote: “you keep on using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

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